Repair & alteration set up fee of $45
Hourly rate of $30 (charged in 15 minute increments)
(All pricing includes GST)


Small nicks and cuts. Repair fee plus 1 hour work.                                 Total of $75

Split seams (glue only). Repair fee.                                                            Total of $45

Split seams (glue & stitch). Repair fee plus half hour work.                   Total of $60

Front/back zip replacement. Repair fee plus 3 hours work.                   Total of $135

Chest zip replacement. Repair fee plus 3-5 hours work.                         Total of $195


Knee pads. Alteration fee plus 1 1/2 hours work.                                     Total of $90

Elbow pads. Alteration fee plus 1 1/2 hours work.                                   Total of $90

Loading pad (spearfishing).
Alteration fee plus 2 1/2 hours work.                                                         Total of $120

Utility Pockets with zips (divers)
Alteration fee plus 2 -3 hours work.                                                           Total of $135

Dive hoods (hand made)                                                                               Total of $45

Ankle & wrist cuffs (standard wetsuit).                                                      Per pair $20

Neck Seal                                                                                                       Total of $45

Socks/booties (hand made)                                                                         Per pair $65

Wetsuit Hire                                                                        Per event $35 + $50 Deposit

(see Wetsuit Hire for more details)       


Customisation of your wetsuit is only limited by your imagination.
Contact Ken for a free quote to customise your wetsuit.

New HOT HEAD Swim Caps

Hi all you wetsuit lovers out there! 

Myself (Ken) and Mark are very proud to announce our very own line of neoprene Swim caps called "Hot Head" they are made in Slickskin/Jersey in 2 thicknesses and sizes. Our swim caps are proudly Made in Australia! by our awesome friends and supporter at Neptune Australia/Sharkskin International Pty Ltd and South Australian owned! These swim caps can be used by anyone that gets in the water ie: swimming, triathlons, surfing, snorkeling, watersking or to simply keep your head warm on cold days. Triathlete's please note that our 4.5mm swim caps are Triathlon legal and fall under the 5mm regulations for swimming!


We have both Winter 4.5mm & Summer 2.5mm in Sizes Small & Medium, below is a size chart and a photo of how to measure your head!

Our Hot Head swim caps From RRP$36.95 each!

WINTER 4.5mm
Forehead: 50 - 55cm
Forehead: 56 - 59cm
SUMMER 2.5mm
Forehead: 50 - 55cm
Forehead: 56 - 59cm

How to measure!
Measure forehead with tape measure just along top of earline in cm, if you have a larger head than our measurements then we can customize the cap to fit you!